KAYTRANADA – Look Easy ft. Lucky Daye / SHAWN Choreography

Helpful Tips for Your First Wedding Dance

Weddings have begun to carry their own splash of design and personal character, carrying them far beyond the anticipations of traditional weddings. At a traditional wedding, you can expect a ballroom appearance and music appropriate for a slow waltz. Among those who enjoy breaking with tradition, the music might start with rock and roll.

Common Types Of Latin Dances

Latin dances are one of the most famous dances in the world and everyone wants to engage in them. If you have wanted to learn the dancing styles, here are some of the most common. Bachata – This style is named after Bachata guitar music and it comes from the Dominican Republic. The dancers move side by side in a four-beat pattern that involves making three steps to the side followed by a pause. The most unique things about this style are the pronounced hip movements.

Parent Alert: Making Dance Classes A Positive Experience For Your Child

Signing your child up for dance class? Knowing how to make the experience fun and positive can create a long-lasting love for dance.

Make Your Event Unique With Brazilian Dancers

Whether you are organizing any event, or are looking forward to organizing a party, entertainment is the key element in these events or parties. Even a serious event requires an element of fun so that it can create a perfect mood for the guests. As an organizer, you can think of various types of entertainment to lift the spirits of your guests.

Want to Take Up Dancing Professionally? Here Is How to Choose Your Dance Lessons

Make sure you choose your dance lessons carefully so that you are able to groom yourself well to meet the tough competition. Dance lessons are expensive and involve a lot of physical and emotional effort from your side as well as from your instructor.

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