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Photo by Will Given

Sam Aros Mitchell’s research focuses on the transformative work of First Nation and Native American dance and theatre artists, who continue to break boundaries, connect land to body, and bring Native communities to a place of healing. Sam is an enrolled member with the Texas Band of Yaqui Indians. He is currently in his third-year of a PhD program at UC San Diego. Sam has an MFA in Dance Theatre from UC San Diego, and a BFA in dance from UC Santa Barbara.Sam has danced in contemporary dance companies, and has toured, both nationally and internationally for over 25 years. In April of 2016, Sam and co-author, Julie Burelle, published an article entitled “Dee(a)r Spine: Dance, Dramaturgy, and the Repatriation of Indigenous Memory” which was part of Dance Research Journal’s special edition on Indigenous dance.

Sam continues to work, teach and learn, within his Yaqui community, with Native American and First Nation communities and within the contemporary dance community.