Julie Burelle and I co-authored an article for Dance Research Journal It was published in April of 2016.  You can read it here!

Dee(a)r Spine and the Repatriation of Indigenous Memory

Just recently, a blog was posted on physicsworld.com about my work “Dunamis Novem” This piece was performed in January at the La Jolla Playhouse Forum theater. Physicsword.com actually picked up the story from the original posting that the National Institute for Standards and Technology posted about Dr. Raymond Simmonds and my collaboration. This is all very exciting, to say the least. Here is the article from Physicsworld also links back to the original article from NIST.   http://blog.physicsworld.com/2015/07/31/faraday-explodes-in-court-nist-is-entangled-in-dance-and-oliver-sacks-periodic-table/