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5 Reasons Why Attending Summer Schools Are Important To Dancers

OK! So maybe you are already training at vocational level and very nearly just about to complete the 1st academic year and then from September enter into 2nd year. Even the thought alone of September 2018 exhausts you! However this article will discuss 5 reasons as to why it’s good idea to attend a Summer Intensive Course.

What I Learned Teaching TV Actors to Dance

I taught a group of actors from a successful TV series how to dance. This was for a dance scene in the upcoming season. Because they were actors, they had a different approach to learning. This offered some insights that will help you learn dance faster.

Belly Dancing Builds Confidence, and Self-Esteem

Belly dancing is known to build confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. It is unlike any other style of dance because of its personal challenge to the individual. Many women take these classes for personal reasons and never do public performances.

Best Ballet Tights – How to Choose, What to Look For

Ballet tights may seem like a basic piece of ballet wear, but in reality a lot of ballet dancers’ performance and fitness depends on them, it really makes sense to pay extra bit of attention when choosing them. Tights for ballet dancers vary in style, ranging from footed, footless to full-body stockings. They can be varied on density and opaqueness, depending on the dancer’s personal preferences.

Get People to Jive in Easy Ways With Amazing Dancing Apps

While mobile apps are dominating people’s life in every way, it also opened up new avenues of refreshment including music, sports and even dance. Dancing is the big stress buster and for which dancing app ideas get pretty much popularity. This article sums up some popular dancing apps that can sweep off people’s feet.

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