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Top 6 Places to Get Ballroom Dance Lessons in Long Island

Long Island ballroom dance schools are known for its creativity, energetic trainers, and professionalism. As the dance studios in Long Islands are located on thriving locations, people get full access of their favorite studios.

How to Organize A Zumba Demo

So what is a Zumba demo? It’s a public Zumba Fitness class that anyone can watch or participate in. They are a useful way to bring your Zumba business to a new audience and are easier to organize than a flashmob or Zumbathon.

What Is Lyrical Dance?

Lyrical Dance is more about fluidity and the mix of the physical dance form with the lyrics of the music. Some consider it a marriage of Jazz music with the flow and fluidity of Ballet. Lyrical Dance is a contemporary dance form gaining in popularity day by day.

4 Tips For A Successful Hip Hop Class

If you’re thinking of taking a hip hop class, use these tips to ensure that you have a good time and remain injury free. If you’re attending your first lesson, use these tips to ensure that it’s a successful one.

How to Arrange a Bollywood Style Dance Party

Dance parties have become increasingly popular these days, especially themed dance parties such as Bollywood dance, ballet dance, break-dance, and others. The idea of these dance parties sounds like a lot of fun, and it’s even more fun when you get a chance to plan it for your friends and family!

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