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TAP DANCE – The Jewel In The Crown

Dance and music can be two different things, but they go hand in hand when it comes to dance, or more precisely Tap Dance. Tap dance is a different form where you foot it with your musical shoes on. Wait, don’t mistake them to be those shoes that make squeaky noise when little kids walk. They teach them to walk whereas these shoes teach them to tap dance. Jokes aside. Tap dancers usually wear shoes that are fitted with metal heels and toe taps that make distinct beats by rhythmically striking a hard surface or a floor. It is one of the fun style to watch and adorable to perform.

Sensual Belly Dancing – Stop Feeling Guilty

The woman who is confident, has a high self esteem and worthiness, and has a healthy attitude about being housed in a female body which embodies womanhood is very comfortable performing and wearing a beautiful costume for her belly dancing performance. Understanding and gaining knowledge of our six senses will allow us to become pleased with sensuality.

How Dance Can Help You Beat The Stress

Till now, we have been looking at dance as a talent or art. Recently, it has become popular as a workout. But do you know that dance can help you beat the stress too. Let’s find out.

The History of Swing Dance

Some feel dancing is reciprocation of being alive, while some dance for enjoyment. But it is something that shows great energy on the part of the dancer. Dancing is nothing but moving the human body or any part of the body along with the music. Among many dance forms which varies greatly in music selection to tempo of the music, the Swing Dancing is unique in its own way. It gets its name from dance developed during the swing era i.e. 1920-1940, with the popularity of the Big Band and its jazz music. Though, there are many forms and classes of swing dance which are known by different names, the name swing dance commonly refers to any of them. One of the most popular forms is known as Lindy Hop, originating in Harlem in 1930s.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining An Adult Dance Class

Have you ever considered joining a dance class? If not then you could be missing out on some real health benefits. Dancing is suitable for people of all ages and abilities to get into and stay in good shape. Not only is dancing fun, but dancing boosts the immune system decreases stress levels, improves your energy levels and can also improve your quality of life.

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