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Vocational Dance College – Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Dance College

If dance classes are something you have attended every week since you were four years old, or even if you were a late starter, maybe you didn’t find your passion for dance until 14years old it doesn’t matter, but one thing you share with many others around the world is that one question that can change the rest of your life. Which dance college is right for me?

The Healthy Dancer

Audiences and dancers expectations are ever demanding more and more from their performances at all times, each move is executed to perfection. It is necessary at vocational level if not earlier that both dance students and teachers understand the importance of what it means to become a healthy dancer.

Put Your Tap Shoes On

I watched the Oscar winning animated film “HAPPY FEET” and thoroughly enjoyed it and the director George Miller was incited to make a sequel and “HAPPY FEET TWO” and I anticipate seeing this with great pleasure. The first was a resounding success and carried the usual Hollywood voices to ensure popularity. Plenty of very real-sounding characters and a good story, made the film a happy watch and hopefully the sequel will too.

Ballet Shoes – The Importance of Wearing the Right Ones

The major reason which determines the purchase of the ballet shoes is comfort. Being a ballerina you always expect your feet movements to match with the theme of the dance and shoes are the major fact which influences it. If these are comfortable then the ballerina simply forgets the idea of wearing a shoe and concentrates more on her dance.

An Introduction to Classical Indian Dances

Dancing may seem like your average hobby, but it takes a passionate, informed dancer to realise that this activity is actually deeply rooted in the culture of a country and that through physical moves, you understand the cultural values and spirituality that that country possesses. If there is a country whose national folk dance is synonymous with spirituality, that would definitely be India. Most people associate it with Bollywood dances, which are more like a simplified, pop culture version of the real, complex dancing culture in India.

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